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Use Word-to-LaTeX tool to convert any Microsoft Word document to LaTeX, TeX, or clean XML. The software is fast, accurate, and highly configurable. Word-to-LaTeX runs on MS Windows with any version of MS Office installed. Download Word-to-LaTeX and join the huge community of our users.

You Upload MS Word Documents and We Convert  

At Word-to-LaTeX we convert all kinds of Microsoft Word documents to LaTeX, TeX, AMS-LaTeX, and other TeX flavors. Simply upload your document and we will do the rest. You will receive a camera-ready document (in TeX/LaTeX and PDF) without the need to know anything about TeX/LaTeX.

Create EPS Graphics From a MS Word Figure or Table

Among other things, Word-to-LaTeX converter allows you to export any part of a Microsoft Word document into an EPS graphics file. Do you need to insert your Excel graph, a Word table, or an image in a LaTeX document? Let Word-to-LaTeX do its job.

Who Uses Word-to-LaTeX

Word-to-LaTeX tools and services are used by thousands around the globe, at universities, technology & science firms, and other organizations. Students convert theses, and professors and engineers convert their papers and reports. Read what our customers say.

Thanks for your support. I will continue to use your program and I'll recommend it to others.

Luiz, University of Barcelona

Thank you for the great product. It is a wonderful tool, especially when making tables to embed into research.

Monte, University of Grenoble

Key Features

Input Formats

  • Microsoft Word Documents
  • RTF files

User Interface

  • Microsoft Word add-in
  • Standalone GUI converter
  • Command-line converter

Converts Images

  • Outputs EPS or PNG
  • Converts embedded objects

Converts Equations

  • Microsoft 2007-2010 equations
  • Equation Editor and MathType

Output Formats

  • LaTeX
  • XML

Converts Structure

  • Headings
  • Tables
  • Lists

Converts Styles

  • Bold, italic, underline, etc.
  • Paragraph and character styles

Special Characters

  • Latin special characters, Cyrillic, etc.
  • Special commands or UTF-8

MS Word to LaTeX Conversion By Experts

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