What's New

6 Nov 2011 Version 2.31 released. Word-to-LaTeX EPS Printer settings is set automatically during the installation.
22 Oct 2011 Version 2.30 released. Microsoft Word comments can be optionally converted. This may be useful for customers using Word-to-LaTeX to convert Word documents to XML.
18 Oct 2011 Version 2.29 released. Default LaTeX configurations slightly changed (by default, Word styles are not converted using new style commands now).
09 Oct 2011 Version 2.28 released. A few small bugs fixed.
04 Oct 2011 Version 2.27 released. EPS Printer how-to inserted in the Help section. A bunch of small bugs fixed.
19 Sep 2011 Version 2.26 released. A small problem with installing EPS printer fixed (thanks to Alireza for reporting the problem).
14 Sep 2011 Version 2.25 released. New ribbon tab dedicated only to Word-to-LaTeX (applies for Microsoft Word 2007-2010).
8 Sep 2011 Version 2.24 released. A few small fixes (exporting EPS figures, redundant font sizes in section titles).
17 Aug 2011 Version 2.23 released. A few small fixes.
3 Aug 2011 Version 2.22 released. Character and paragraph styles are converted within footnotes.
20 Jul 2011 Version 2.21 released. A few small bugs in tables/lists conversion fixed (thanks to Erdogan for reporting the problems).
14 Jul 2011 Version 2.20 released. Figures created in MS Word now preserve all the formatting (fonts, font sizes, ...).
20 Jun 2011 Version 2.19 released. A couple of bugs reported by Guilhermo have been fixed (mostly related to MathType equations).
16 Jun 2011 Version 2.18 released. The default font size of each document can be automatically set by the converter. A few smaller bugs reported by the users have been fixed.
07 Jun 2011 Version 2.17 released. Multicolumn sections correctly converted. Special characters written using Symbol and Wingdings fonts are mapped onto corresponding Unicode characters.
12 May 2011 Version 2.16 released. Lists, which are split into more parts by non-list paragraphs, are correctly converted.
4 May 2011 Version 2.15 released. Title position (above or below images and tables) is preserved in converted files. Image alternative texts can be optionally converted. The conversion of MathType equations was enhanced. Tab for Conversion Mappings, which allows for easy remapping of element conversions, added to the user interface.
13 Apr 2011 Version 2.14 released. Many thanks to all who provided us with a feedback. We have fixed a couple of bugs - sometimes more images were exported in one EPS file, some irrelevant styles were being processed (e.g., "apple-style-span" which is created when pasting text from a browser in a Word document), and subheadings were not converted correctly in some documents. And the most important thing: we have started rewriting the user manual. Have a look.
29 Mar 2011 Version 2.13 released. This is undoubtedly the most important release this year. Word-to-LaTeX now supports Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Equations. It converts inline equations, outline equations, and numbered equations. All math expressions and all special math characters are converted, even in very complex equations. This release also fixes a couple of smaller bugs you reported. It allows you to prefix the output image files with a custom string (thanks to Nathalie for proposing this feature).
17 Mar 2011 Version 2.12 released. Paper size now converted using LaTeX geometry package. Documents with revisions are converted correctly.
10 Mar 2011 Version 2.11 released. Unnecessary trailing whitespace removed from footnotes (thanks to Harmut for reporting the problem). All executables (setup files, .exe files, MS Word add-on) are now signed with a trusted certificate.
23 Feb 2011 Version 2.10 released. A new configuration preset that allows for exporting Latin-accented letters in UTF-8. This is a very useful feature for languages like German, Polish, Czech, and many more. A special preset for languages that use Cyrillic letters has also been added. All Windows 64-bit operating systems now supported, including Windows 7 64-bit.
11 Feb 2011 Version 2.9 released. Word-to-LaTeX now remembers the last configuration and last output file, which significantly improves the user experience. Configuration presets for LaTeX, LaTeX (Japanese), XML, and ConTeXt can now be easily loaded. In the Word add-on, there is no need to save the document before running the conversion. There are additional, smaller improvements that you asked for.
6 Feb 2011 Version 2.8 released. Some figures were skipped during the conversion - this is fixed now. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, Word-to-LaTeX now uses a different Postscript printer, which dramatically reduces the size of output EPS figures. A couple of sample documents that show Word-to-LaTeX in action were added. Please see how Word-to-LaTeX EPS Printer must be configured.
4 Feb 2011 Version 2.7 released. When a problem occurs during the conversion, more information about the problem is now provided to the user. This will help us to find and fix the cause of the problem more effectively.
25 Jan 2011 Version 2.6 released. Support for RTF documents added.
20 Jan 2011 Version 2.5 released. In some Windows 7 systems the Postscript printer was not set up correctly. Also in some Windows 7 + MS Word 2010 systems, the Word-to-LaTeX add-on was not correctly registered in Word. Both problems are fixed now (thanks all for your bug reports).
17 Jan 2011 Version 2.4 released. Postscript printer, which allows for the export of figures in EPS format, is now set up during the Word-to-LaTeX installation procedure. It is no longer necessary to install the printer separately.

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